Oasis Coffins (Jan 2011- ongoing)

Oasis Coffins (OC) make a range of environmentally friendly coffins and urns.  These products are exported to the UK and other international markets.


The factory is located in Nilphamari, one of the poorest districts in Northern Bangladesh.  The business currently employees approximately 100 people.  It is in a period of rapid growth and is about to start building a new factory.

Tindercapital’s role

Tindercapital started working with Oasis Coffins at the beginning of 2011.  Tindercapital invested alongside Panahpur, a UK based impact investor, our small investment serving as a catalyst for Panahpur’s involvement.  Tindercapital has provided a Chairman to OC, has at times worked closely with the OC management team, and has helped raise further finance needed to build the new factory. 

The outcome

The Oasis Coffins business is still at an early stage.  It now has great products and some strong customer relationships.  This provides a solid platform from which to grow the business.  Since 2011 OC has become profitable, has an established relationship with a coffin distributor into the UK, has 40% more employees, has established an employee profit sharing scheme, is researching to implement living wages from factory floor to management, is registered as fairtrade and has a safe, fun, respectful working environment.

The business exists to benefit its employees and the community in which it works.