Seed Finance

Customer:  Pro-poor entrepreneur looking for seed finance (£10,000 - £50,000)


Customer pain:  You have proven a product market fit but lack finance to properly establish your business.  You need help to refine your strategy and business model and put solid foundations in place for growth.


Tindercapital offering:  Tindercapital  provides equity finance for exceptional early stage businesses.  As an active and supportive board member we help to grow and professionalise your business.

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Growth Finance

Customer:  Pro-poor entrepreneur looking for growth finance (£150, 000 - £2 million)


Customer pain:  You have proven your businesses model but need investment to scale your operations.  You are busy running your business and don't have time to search out supportive investors.


Tindercapital offering:  Tindercapital takes the stress out of raising investment.  We help prepare the documents that you will need to raise investment and will introduce you to our network of impact investors.

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Investment Opportunities

Customer:  Impact investor actively looking to invest in pro-poor businesses in Bangladesh


Customer pain:  You have funds to invest but are struggling to find scalable, inclusive businesses in Bangladesh to invest in.



Tindercapital offering:  Investment-ready pro-poor businesses that meet your specific investment criteria.


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Tindercapital is currently focusing on investment readiness projects and supporting existing investee businesses.  We are therefore not looking to make new investments at this time.  However if you would like to contact us regarding our services please fill in and submit the form below:


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