We believe strongly in what we do and always seek to maintain the highest levels of professionalism.  However, despite our best efforts, things haven't always gone to plan.  Here we will list our failures.  Acknowledging our failures helps us to learn and create out of it:

  • The 19 OPEN accelerator entrepreneurs have not all been matched to the finance they need to growRead more...
  • Our entrepreneurs were not always effectively supported through our mentoring programmeRead more...
  • Implementing a sustainable revenue model for another OPEN accelerator has not been easy.   Read more...
  • In our bid to get Tindercapital established we have begun pieces of work on trust.  Read more...


“Tindercapital worked closely alongside us on strategies for market access, supported in articulating our business case, built our capacity in systems and reporting, and provided a much needed and relational sounding board to myself as the Managing Director. Because of this we have been able to access the significant investment needed to launch the business.”

David How
Oasis Coffins

James Perry
Impact Investor

“By co-investing their own capital alongside ours, as well as taking a governance role with the business (providing a Chairman), Tindercapital have closely overseen our interests on our behalf. This has ensured that the level of communications and reporting have been exemplary”

Case Studies