Jerry Nicholson  Managing Director


Jerry Nicholson
Managing Director

    Fiona Nicholson   Strategy and Communications Director


Fiona Nicholson
Strategy and Communications Director

    Geoff Nicholson   Adviser (UK Based)


Geoff Nicholson
Adviser (UK Based)

    Harun Rashid  Driver


Harun Rashid

What makes us different

We work with pro-poor entrepreneurs at an earlier stage than most impact investors

We find that if we relate with the poor it energises our lives and fuels our business decisions into the pro-poor market.  We term this "solidarity with the poor".



Empowering:  We are committed to igniting the potential of our clients and team.  Our involvement will be empowering and temporary.  We favour minority stakes and always have a clear exit plan.

Strategic:  We only invest in businesses where we can add value.  We are interested in getting things started and catalysing the involvement of others.

Integrity:  We seek to be transparent and to operate with integrity in all our business dealings.   We stand against corruption and will not pay bribes or speed money.   We will only work with businesses which are committed to work in this way.

Relational:   We only invest in entrepreneurs we know well. The entrepreneur’s character is vital as we need to be able to trust each other implicitly.   We are not territorial and welcome the involvement of others who share our vision and values and have specialist skills or networks.

Risk taking:   We get involved at an early stage and are not afraid to take risks.   However we are commercial and diligent.

Humility:   We are prepared to experiment and make mistakes but are not prepared to do nothing.   We respect and seek to learn from each other and the people we are invited to work with.