Panahpur (August 2010 - ongoing)


Tindercapital began talking with Panahpur about investing in Oasis Coffins (OC) in August 2010.  Over the following six months, Jerry worked closely with the business, assessing the feasibility of the business and drawing up an investment plan.  On 24th December 2010 the first tranche of the Panahpur's investment was made.  This first investment paid the staff's wages and enabled the business to continue trading over Christmas .  By the end of 2012 Tindercapital had lent £27,000 and Panahpur had lent £139,000.

Tindercapital’s Role:

Tindercapital acted as a bridge between the entrepreneur based in Bangladesh and Panahpur based in the UK.  Our role involved helping the entrepreneur understand Panahpur's mindset so they could communicate with them effectively.  We also helped the entrepreneur prepare an investment proposal and set up simple financial reporting systems.  Jerry agreed to chair the business, and this was a critical factor in Panahpur agreeing to invest.  We aligned ourselves with Panahpur's interests by co-investing alongside them.

The Outcome:

Panahpur and Tindercapital's investment and hands on commercial support, has helped the entrepreneur develop a profitable and scalable businesses.  The businesses has a strong sales base in the UK and has been profitable and cash positive since mid 2013.  It currently employs approximately 100 people and has just secured $250,000 from a US based impact investor to build its own factory.  

After taking and managing the initial risk, Panahpur now has a growth company in its portfolio.  What makes this special is that this company is in the North of Bangladesh, and the growth of the business is in lockstep with creating positive social outcomes in this disadvantaged region.