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Nestled in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest, the Volta Sound Company pays homage to simpler times. Combining our love of the great outdoors with our love of music, we have created a passive iPhone amplifier for your iPhone 4 and 5. Passive amplification means no electronics, no chargers, no blue-tooth gadgetry. Just a solid block of Northwest Alder from our backyard here in Oregon, and a Buffalo horn allowing us to draw the maximum volume from your iPhone speaker.

Here at the Volta Sound Company we strive to separate ourselves from the mass-produced, disposable-minded world, creating a lasting, quality product. From cutting, staining, and branding the Northwest Alder, to cutting and polishing the actual buffalo horn, we pour our blood, sweat, and tears into each one of these beauties. Combining timeless simplicity with modern styling, each one of our Sound Blocks are handcrafted in Oregon using natural resources and a painstaking attention to detail.

The Sound Block will fit in your log cabin between your deer rack and mounted pheasant, or on your post-modern contemporary fireplace mantle in your expensive downtown loft. Either way, it looks great and it sounds great. The Sound Block is built for easy transportation. From sleeping out under the stars in the mountains to sitting on the beach watching the sets, we have used these things everywhere, and hope you will too. Disconnect the Horn from the Block, throw both pieces in your pack and you will be sitting around the campfire listening to your iPhone in no time.

We would love to join you in your journey and see where you use yours. Please send us photos of the Sound Block in action, whether its drinking beer in your backyard with your buddies or climbing a mountain. Share your adventures on instagram at #voltasound. We are looking forward to it.

Justin and Chad - the Volta Sound Company